About Us

The current line up for Nyamuziwa has its origins at Hamilton Middle School. Since then all members have graduated and continue to play together. We play ancient pieces from the Mbira Huru, a traditional instrument from Zimbabwe, which have been arranged for the marimba by our musical director Stephen Golovnin. These pieces are ancient and go back hundreds of years and many generations, originating with the Shona people of Zimbabwe. We also play more contemporary pieces that have been composed or arranged by Dumisani Maraire. Our ensemble of marimbas has been custom designed and built by us to facilitate mbira adaptations.  The range and overlap of instruments can be visualized by the following layout.
Soprano                                               CDEFGABCDEFGABCDEFG
Alto  (2)                                     FGABCDEFGABCDEFGABC
Tenor  (2)                         CDEFGABCDEFGABCDE
Baritone                   GABCDEFGABCDE
Hi Bass               EFGABCDEFGABC
Bass              CDEFGABCDE

Shumba Nyamuziwa is a totem name for the Lion clan in Zimbabwe and when we play we are keeping the spirit of the Lion alive. We play at a variety of venues in and around the Seattle area, usually at local Farmer’s Markets, parks, weddings, and festivals, and we are happy to play wherever we are invited. We will keep this site updated if you would like to see us, and if you want us to play, please contact us. We look forward to seeing and playing with you.